Tuesday, 26 April 2011

American Faith... The Mormons

"The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the official name of the religion commonly called the Mormon Church."

Mormons are very devout Christians, devoted to the Church and family life. They believe that every one of us are spirits who lived with God before birth and will live with him after we die, therefore our time on earth is God's test for us to experience the happiness and pain of living in a human body. During this time one must be devout to God and follow his rules in order to go to Heaven.

Mormons feel that the family is very important and many Mormon families will have a lot of children. They believe God arranges us into families for increased safety and happiness. Mormons tend to live in communities around their Church, it is a very community orientated religion, especially in Utah, we don't tend to find communities like this outside of America. In terms of American Identity, faith is important, it gives people an identity in a melting pot society. America is a young country and many search for historical identity, and find Jesus.

Extreme Christianity or devout religion in America can often be viewed with fear. The idea of devoting one's life to God and living within a very religious community is often suppressive in modern day. Many view the Mormon Church as a cult and a dangerous organisation to people's minds due to a somewhat controlling nature. The Mormon Church is a Missionary Church, it sends preachers around the world in order to share God's message and their Church's views with others. In such a modern country like America, it is incredible to find pockets of devout religious communities within it. Communities of people who reject America's commodity culture for the Church and family. In some senses this is a good thing, when so many question the lack of values in many people today. Often in America, we are left viewing the extremes within society.

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