Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Black Separatism

This image depicts Black Separatism at its most disturbing form. Black and White people are not to be mixed in any form of society, which means separate toilets, water fountains, seats on a bus and even in school. A black person in this part of American History is a second citizen, there is no equality and minorities are treated with grotesque disrespect.

Within the image, the fountains themselves speak loudly. The fountain for the whites holds a status, it is a much more substantial fountain with a white china basin, the fountain for blacks is a steel basin. This difference in aesthetics depicts an aspect of black segregation in the United States. The idea that the black woman isn't good enough to drink from the fountain for white citizens is also barbaric, this concept of contamination from a different race is an ideology held in many parts up until the 1970s and even held today among some groups.
The second image depicts almost an even more disgusting concept. These children have been set up to protest by their parents and have inherited racist views and ideals. They feel they cannot go to school with a black person when their own literary sense is to be questioned. It is possible to believe that these boys may still hold the same values about people of other races. In the south today, there are many white supremacist groups such as the KKK, Nazis and Skin Heads. These often spill into youth gangs in America today rather than lawful organisations.

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