Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Pro and Anti South West Border Control.

Pro Immigration

This first website is for an article that outlines the beliefs of many Mexican people today. The main body of the article consists of statistics regarding the view of Mexican people on the rights Mexican people have to enter America. These statistics show that a higher proportion of Mexican people believe Mexican people have the right to enter the United States without permission from the US. A further statistic shows a high proportion of Mexican people believe the South West region of the United States rightfully belong to Mexico which would suggest why they believe they have the right to enter the country without US permission. This belief can be traced back to the Mexican-American war of the mid-19th Century. During this time American expansion was moving westwards to expand the countries borders 'from sea to shining sea.' Following a revolt in Texas, which at the time was part of Mexico, a treaty was signed to give Texas it's freedom.


This link is to the website of the AIC, the Americans for Immigration Control, an organisation that are against illegal immigration from Mexico. They also believe illegal Mexican immigrants should be deported back to Mexico and increasing measures to prevent illegal immigrants from Mexico getting in to America. 

The two websites have obvious differences when approaching the issue of South west American immigration. An obvious difference is the language used when describing them. The AIC uses language like 'aliens' and 'sneak'. The language used by the AIC appears to dehumanize illegal immigrants from Mexico because using words like 'sneak' suggest animalistic type of behavior like a snake for example, they seem to be taking away the characteristics of the illegal immigrants that would make them appear inferior to an American. The same sort of language was used during the slave trade to justify the capturing of African people, who were described as savage, another animalistic term. The first website does not use any language like that used by the AIC. It also begins to justify Mexican immigration into America by explaining their beliefs. 

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