Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Ellis Island: 19th Century Immigration

This website, Ellis Island History is for students by students. It is an interactive way of learning the history of immigration to the USA. However, there are not many available academic sources, most are about US government, revolutuion or geography.

The website tracks the history of Europeans coming to the island, previously known as Gull Island until purchased by Samuel Ellis. The students outline many facts and dates about contruction, architecture and cost. However contains little about the reality of Ellis Island, it fails to mention, many travellers who failed the '29 Question' Test or Medical Tests were sent back to wherever they came from.

In 1882, it claims that surveyers were brought in to assess the condition of the great hall and there were many damages and the building needed many repairs. However, this was not seen as sufficient spending of public money so nothing was done. In 1954 Ellis Island was shut down by the US Government, it is now open as a Museum.


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